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Dr. Ben Tracy, Monroe MedSpa founder, monroe medspa medical director, ben tracy

Dr. Ben Tracy, M.D.

Allergan Master Trainer

Allergan MedSpa Advisory Board Member

Member, American Med Spa Association

Member, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Syneron Candela KOL for NY State eLos Plus

Cutera Luminar for NY State truSculpt iD

Creator of:

Suspended Thread Lift

Fluid Face Lift

Benelly Bridging Lip Technique or Bridging Technique

Fox Tox Eye

Swole Male Enhancement or Swole Procedure

M3 Package or Monroe MedSpa Male Enhancement Package

The 9 Scenarios of Botox & Brows 

Cutting Corners: Female Jaw Enhancement

I often get asked how I got into doing cosmetic dermatology with injectables like Botox and Fillers when I completed residency in a completely different field. So here is the story.


For those of you who do not know how a doctor gets into residency, it is through a horrible process called "The Match." Basically every medical student in the world who wants a U.S. residency submits a list of programs that they are interested in and every program submits a list of medical students that they are interested in as well. Yadda yadda yadda, it gets put into some fancy supercomputer somewhere and voila, you MATCH!


There is a whole ceremony and day to celebrate (or possibly cry) for all the students that match, which is usually sometime in the middle of March. I knew what specialty I wanted to go into ("PM&R", which stands for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) and was fortunate to match into one of my top choices. I committed to my chosen specialty and then I started my very last rotation of medical school - a private practice rotation with a Pain Neurologist.


On my first day I arrived at his practice extra early like a good little medical student should, and when he finally rolled in over an hour later (fashionably late, of course) he took me into his office and gave me a brief introduction to his practice. I remember my shock and skepticism when he told me that at this point in his practice he was doing probably 75% cosmetic dermatology. Of course I knew that Botox existed and that a doctor could inject it, but what I didn't realize until I started doing it at his practice was how much I would LOVE doing it! I spent a month working with him, learning how to inject Botox and dermal fillers like Juvederm.  I was hooked.


And so by blind luck, fate, or whatever you want to call it, I was introduced to cosmetic injectables. By this point it was too late to change my specialty, and to be honest... fungal rashes kinda freak me out so I was happy with my choice. I decided to go through advanced injectable training, and now I get to practice doing what I love without the fungal rashes. 

My favorite part of my job is making people feel their best. Whether that's through injectables like Botox or fillers or body contouring procedures, I feel beyond thrilled to have opened Monroe MedSpa with the sole purpose of making clients feel amazing. We've assembled a rockstar team of like-minded professionals, and we strive to be a comfortable environment where anyone can walk in and leave feeling beautiful and confident!

Can't wait to meet you!

-Dr. Ben

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